The $25 Gadget That’s Ending Monthly Cable Subscriptions Worldwide

Face it – we’re all tired of paying for cable. We all know the pain of opening that monthly bill and seeing that the cost went up – for no reason at all.

It’s hard to get away from cable, though. If you’re like most people, you don’t want to lose out on hit network shows and live sporting events. As much as we want to switch to streaming TV, it seems like you have to pay through the nose for sports and new shows.

What is TV Fox?

TV Fox is a multidirectional receiver that lets your TV or computer get free digital TV channels. You can watch dozens of channels – including sports – in higher quality than cable.

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How Does It Work?

Very easy! It’s nothing like the “rabbit ears” of old – plug it into your TV and attach it to the wall, and you’re watching free TV!

It’s completely free to watch these channels in high-definition digital. It’s required by law in over 8o countries. Call it your “right to entertainment.”


It’s a crystal-clear image because digital over-the-air signals aren’t compressed, unlike cable. Most viewers can’t believe their eyes when they tune in for the first time.


See TV Fox in action by watching the video below…

Ok, The Channels Are Free… But What Does it Cost Me to Set Up?

You’re probably thinking that TV Fox costs somewhere in the hundreds of dollars, like a lot of “free TV” devices… nope. You can start watching FREE crystal-clear TV for 1/4 the cost of an average cable bill. The price is around $25 USD – and it works in any country with network TV!

UPDATE: As of February 12th, you can still get FREE shipping on all TV Fox orders.

So Discreet, No One Will Know Your TV is Free

One of the nicest things about TV Fox is its low profile. You don’t need to put it on the roof, which is great news for apartment-dwellers. And it’s so slim that you can hide it pretty much anywhere!

It’s a Snap to Get the TV Fox Advantage

The more you think about completely free entertainment, the more you wonder, “how do I get TV Fox?” It’s simple…

  • Step 1: Get TV Fox from the secure website (click below) – it’ll arrive at your door in about a week.
  • Step 2: Find a nice spot to mount it. It’s fine to hide it behind a picture, but it looks pretty sleek on its own.
  • Step 3: Plug the cable into your TV using the same connection as your cable box.
  • Optional Step 4: Call the cable fat cats and tell them you’re not paying them another red cent.
  • TIP: If you live a little further out of the city, you can choose the package that extends the range by 20 miles. Just click the “amplifier” option on the payment screen.

As Simple As That!

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