$25 Gadget Takes Cable Giants By Storm


Big Cable Companies Facing Bankruptcy After FCC Loophole Lets Millions Get Cable-Quality TV for FREE

TV fans across the world are freeing themselves from pricey cable subscriptions. It’s costing cable companies billions of dollars a month.

They’re all using a little-known legal loophole. In the last 15 years, governments everywhere – Canada, the USA, Australia, the EU, and others – have created a “right to entertainment.”
Using this loophole, users pay nothing for a massive selection of TV channels. And they get them in a higher quality than a cable company could ever provide.

The cable giants tried to keep it under wraps. They won’t report it on their news networks. Their lobbyists try to strike the law down, but governments deny them every time.


Free TV is All Around You

But the right to entertainment survived. Regulators like the FCC and CRTC force TV networks to broadcast over the air – with better quality than their cable signals. It’s called digital over-the-airĀ (OTA).

Flying over your head, right now, is higher-quality entertainment than a cable company would ever offer. And it’s 100% free and legal.

Forget Bunny Ears and Static


Digital OTA is nothing like the finicky aerials and fuzzy images of old. And it even has a lot of advantages over streaming services:

  • The quality is spectacular. Cable companies compress their data to send it through the cable to your home, lowering the quality. There is no such compression with OTA digital. When they tune in for the first time, most people can’t believe how clear their picture is.
  • You can watch live sports. Everyone wants to watch the big game, and many feel forced to upgrade their cable to improve the quality. Big sporting events are broadcast for free, every single day – in crystal clear quality.
  • The program selection is huge. Many areas get 60, 70, even up to 80 free channels. In addition to hit primetime shows and live sports, viewers get “subchannels” with different camera angles and extra programming that’s not on cable.
  • It works pretty much everywhere. Digital OTA is available in Canada, the USA, Australia, the EU, Brazil, Japan, Mexico… over 85 countries and counting. Within those countries, coverage is often better than cable.
  • You don’t have to point and fiddle with rabbit ears. It used to be a nightmare to set up an antenna – a dangerous trip to the roof, pointing to find the signal, mid-show repairs…

The complicated setup of OTA was the one thing that kept cable companies from losing customers. They had an army of technicians to install inferior-quality TV. But the monopoly of the cable guy just ended.

no cable guy

How the US Military Gave the World Free TV

During the Iraq war, the US Military pioneered a new type of communications technology. It was an omnidirectional digital antenna that didn’t have to be pointed.

When the omnidirectional antenna was first declassified, it cost up to $300. But one company found an innovative way to remake the technology. Now it costs less than a month’s cable bill to set one up.

tv fox product

Here’s the product that has Time Warner and Comcast shaking in their boots. TV Fox is a discreet antenna that works in ANY household. And it costs around $25.

Cable companies have already seen a huge dent in their profits since TV Fox hit the market. It was the moment when cable-cutting hit critical mass.

It delivers several things that Netflix and other streaming services don’t:

  • Crystal-clear quality on any TV
  • Live sports
  • Every hit network TV show
  • ZERO monthly cost
  • Great coverage, even without an internet connection

This map shows the range of digital OTA in the United States. It’s basically everywhere:


Anyone living in the highlighted areas can get all the benefits of digital OTA.

This has been a complete no-brainer for millions of people around the world, whether or not they already pay for streaming services.

Some question whether it should be legal or not – but governments aren’t letting the cable companies win.

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