I Almost Ruined My Own Wedding, but TrackR Saved the Day!


In March of 2017, my beautiful fiancée and I were travelling to Mexico for our destination wedding!

We invited over 200 people, had been planning it for almost 2 years and that time had finally come. We were getting married!

We arrived at the airport about an hour early, checked our bags and headed through security.

Everything was running smoothly and I didn’t have much to worry about.

My wife gave me one job, and one job only.

Don’t lose the rings.

I packed them into the side pocket of my leather suitcase 4 days prior to our trip. I even checked on them every day leading up to it.. I was NOT going to forget these rings.

After our flight was delayed for 50 minutes, we boarded our plane, flopped into our seats and both let out a sigh of relief.

There was nothing more to do but sit back and relax. We were on our way!

We were enjoying the luxury of first class. The hot towels, the champagne, the fruit and cheese plates… so far so good!

Then my wife asked me, “You have the rings, right?”

I technically didn’t have them on my person, but I did have them! They were safely tucked into the side pocket of my checked bag.

She didn’t seem too pleased.

“You checked them?! What if they lose your bag?” She snapped.

Crap. I guess that was a possibility.

I probably should have put them in my carry-on. But it was too late now.

4 hours later we got off the plane and waited at the carousel.

Bags flew around the corner one by one and with each passing bag, I felt my heart flutter.

Nope, not that one…

Not that one…

Where is it?!

30 minutes went by and when the last unclaimed pink suitcase passed by for the fourth time, I knew I was in trouble.

I lost the rings.

Then I remembered I had put a TrackR on my suitcase before we left!

How could I forget that?! Maybe there was still hope. Maybe it was still sitting on the plane.

I opened the app and started tracking within seconds, and lo and behold, the app found my bag about 85 feet away.

But the weird thing was, it wasn’t on the carousel or anywhere near the plane for that matter.

I followed the map down the busy hallway, past a starbucks and toward the bathrooms.

What the hell. Was my bag in the bathroom?

It turns out, it was. Someone had stolen it and opened it up on the counter of the men’s bathroom.

My toiletries were scattered and my clothes were on the floor.

My heart sank.

He stole my watch, a pair of my shoes, my Burberry cologne and my prescription sinus medication, but the only thing I really cared about were the rings.

I rushed to open the side pocket and dug through my thief’s unwanted leftovers.

I couldn’t believe it, the rings were still there! Untouched.

I guess they wanted to leave the crime scene as fast as possible and didn’t see the little side pocket. (Suckers!!)

Thank God I had my TrackR! (And took my suit with me as a carry-on.)

I don’t know if I would have found my bag otherwise!

^Here we are at our wedding. Both happy as can be wearing our wedding rings! *phewf!*

What Is TrackR?

TrackR is a small, quarter-sized, tracking device that is revolutionizing the way people keep track of important things- especially when they travel!

How Does It Work?

It’s simple!



Once that’s done, just attach the TrackR to your suitcase, laptop or any other object you can’t afford to lose!

Now you just have to open the app on your smartphone, and you can see on the map and position of your device.

If you lose your luggage, simply select “find device” and you’ll get the coordinates of it’s location.

Your TrackR bluetooth works within a 100ft range of your lost item. However, TrackR’s Crowd Locate will also send you a location update if another user comes within bluetooth range of your item as well!

You can even engrave your name, phone, and address on the device for extra peace-of-mind.

trackr in action

See TrackR in action by watching the video below…

No Monthly Subscription or Bills!

If you don’t already know, most GPS units are expensive and require a monthly subscription.

But with TrackR, you only pay a one-time fee for the TrackR device itself, and nothing else.

Which is why it’s an excellent gift for friends and family that travel as well.

How Much Is It?

TrackR is made to fit any budget at only $29.00!

Traveling can be stressful, especially if you’re like me and keep extremely valuable items in your suitcase.

TrackR gives you comfort knowing that even in the worst case scenario, you still have control of your belongings.

$29.00 is a small price to pay for all of that.

Plus, for a limited time, when you purchase 4 TrackR devices, they’ll send you 4 more for FREE… and again, with free shipping in the USA!

That way, you can track multiple bags at the same time or other valuables such as keys, wallets, laptops, phones, bikes and even pets!

You won’t get that deal on the ones sold at Best Buy!

I am so thankful I decided to put a TrackR on my suitcase before we left.

I don’t even want to think about my wife’s reaction if I had to tell her I lost the rings.


I urge anyone who travels to put a TrackR on their suitcases and important items.

There’s enough to stress about when you travel, why add another thing to the list?
The TrackR is so easy and inexpensive; there’s no reason not to get one right now!

Join over 4 million people who connect to their most valued items at all times!

Order a TrackR today and protect the things you love!

Yes, I Want to Track my Valuables