The Revolutionary Toy That Will Keep Your Dog Busy For Hours


Dog owners – do you worry your dog gets bored by himself during the day? Maybe you’ve learned he does the hard way – torn couch, carpet, and pillows. We all love playing with our dogs, but sometimes you need him to entertain himself. Now he can with The GoBone.

The GoBone is an automated pet toy that will keep your dog entertained for hours! It’s shaped like a small toy bone and will automatically move to make sure your dog is having fun! It also adjusts based on your dog’s age, breed, weight and play style, to make sure your pet is constantly engaged. They even have an easy to use app that allows you to remotely control the bone, so you can play with him even when you’re not around! Or you can just sit there, watch your favorite show while he stays entertained without nagging you.

What a cool pet toy this is! We love how well this works for dogs of all ages. Plus it has a great battery life and it’s easy to take apart to clean, so maintenance is simple! So if you have a pet that’s in need of some fun, check out The GoBone now!