Spinn’s unique coffee brewer brings ‘third wave’ roasters to your countertop


There’s no shortage of ways to get a satisfactory caffeine fix these days, and some of them are mighty high-tech. Spinn Coffee’s new machine, demonstrated onstage at Disrupt NY today, claims one of the most high-tech of all — but this elaborate centrifugal brewing method may be the most versatile, as well.

“It’s a very low innovation industry,” Spinn co-founder Roderick de Rode told TechCrunch. He pointed out that the biggest change recently has been Keurig’s infamous K-cups, which are convenient but highly wasteful and, really, don’t make very good coffee. Spinn has not only a powerful new machine, but a sales platform to go with it.

The Spinn system grinds the coffee to spec, then drops it into a cylinder, in which it can sit, be agitated, or spin at great speed to force the water through the grounds at varying pressure.

The technique was attempted by Bosch in the 1940s, but never caught on. Jan van Hattem is the veteran coffee systems engineer who created the patented self-cleaning centrifugal mechanism — and he’s on the founding team at Spinn. A precision burr grinder, plus computer-controlled pressure and temperature, brings the original idea to the next level.

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