Get Survival Gear for Free by Exploiting Gaps in the Global Supply Chain


How a tiny slip-up forced a company to give away its $80 flashlights

The Internet has given consumers greater choice than ever before, which is great news for preppers.

It’s so simple for the average Joe to turn an idea into a super-useful product:

  1. The inventor sends a design to an overseas manufacturer.
  2. The manufacturer makes a prototype.
  3. The inventor makes any necessary tweaks to the prototype.
  4. The manufacturer handles the production and shipping.

Sounds simple, right? Well, overseas manufacturers may be cheap, but sometimes things get lost in translation – and that’s where savvy preppers can load up on the cheap.

The Accounting Snafu That Led To Free Survival Flashlights

Take Primitive Survivors, for example. Fed up with the poor construction of tactical flashlights on the market, this company came up with a prototype that had all the bells and whistles:





  • Cree T6 LED bulb that shines at 800 lumens
  • 100,000 hours of lamp life
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum durability
  • 5 modes including SOS and strobe
  • A strike bezel for fending off attackers

Sounds pretty solid, doesn’t it? Primitive Survivors wanted to sell these for $80 apiece – a small price to pay for the upper hand in a survival situation.

After some tweaks to the prototype, they placed an order for 10,000. Only someone forgot to double-check their math.

An extra zero crept in. They got an invoice for 100,000 flashlights… ten times what they ordered.

How to Get Free Stuff From Overstocked Warehouses

indiana jones warehouse

Selling 100,000 high-quality tactical torches isn’t a problem… the problem is, where do you keep them?

You see, warehousing is the most expensive part of the whole process. Over $140 billion is spent every year on warehousing in America.

Primitive Survivors had to make a hard choice. Do you let the goods sit in warehouses, costing you five figures a month?

…Or do you find the silver lining and turn this into a genius marketing opportunity?

So, to solve their warehousing crisis, they decided to give away these torches to anyone who would pay the $10 shipping fee.

And it worked incredibly well. Primitive Survivors gave away 25,000 torches in the first week… and now that the glowing reviews are pouring in, they’re getting free word of mouth marketing.

They still have some of that overstock left, so if you want a piece of the action, simply click the link below:

Get a Free Survival Torch

How’s that for finding the silver lining? Obviously they’d prefer to make a profit on those lights, but this could be a great long-term strategy for anyone with a solid product.

Meanwhile, 90,000 people are going to feel a whole lot safer – all for 10 bucks.

Keep an eye out for more overstock giveaways like these. With the amount of manufacturing we do in China, it’s bound to happen again!