Is Your Cat Sick And You Don’t Know It? Amazing New Product Can Save Their Life (and an expensive trip to the vet!)

Groundbreaking product checks your kitty’s health every day (best part – it’s easy and super affordable!)


Lindze B., | Author & Discoverer Extraordinaire | 

Did you know that if animals show signs of sickness in the wild, they get left behind – sacrificed to save the family?! Which explains why it’s so difficult to recognize when your feline friend is sick…until it’s usually too late.

But what if there was an easy way to find out if your cat was getting sick, BEFORE it was too late? And what if it was as simple as replacing your current kitty litter with an all new, groundbreaking litter that many people say…

It’s like having a veterinarian check my cat’s health every day!

What Is It?

It’s called Pretty Litter. It’s a revolutionary kitty litter that helps you catch a whole host of health issues sooner rather than later. Saving you money from many unnecessary vet visits (Cost? $50 to $200) or late night and weekend emergency vet visits (Cost? $1,000 to $2,000+) – and potentially saving your cat’s life!


Pretty Litter has been featured in…


Cat lovers are singing the praises of Pretty Litter everywhere! See for yourself…

pretty testimonial 2

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Pretty Litter is pretty impressive huh?!

So after reading a couple more reviews like this…

pretty testimonial

I decided I had to give Pretty Litter a try for my feline friends, Maggie and May. And after 3 months of use, all I can say is I’m never going back to nasty clumping litter again – for so many reasons!


What Are The Benefits of Pretty Litter vs. Basic Kitty Litter?

First thing you should know is Pretty Litter conveniently delivers their 3 pound bag (yep – only 3lbs.) right to your doorstep! No more lugging 20 lbs. of cat litter to and from your car! And that’s just the beginning, take a look…

pretty comparison

How Does It Work?

Pretty Litter changes color to help you identify a whole host of potential health issues your kitty may be having before it’s too late. See for yourself…


I recently spoke with Daniel Rotman, owner and CEO of Pretty Litter, about the reliability of the color changes and here’s what he had to say…

“The health indicators in Pretty Litter were actually developed and tested by Veterinarians in a lab. We then had Vets from around the world test Pretty Litter for its accuracy. All confirmed that Pretty Litter’s health indicators are mixed at the right ratio to silica to avoid false positives or false negatives. The goal was: take the most expensive and consistently used feline product, make it more affordable, and turn it into a virtual wellness check every time your kitty pees.


Pretty Litter uses silica crystals that absorb the urine, traps the odor and evaporates the moisture. You just have to mix it daily and toss the poop – NOT the clumps of litter! Plus, when you clean and mix the box, you won’t suffocate from dusty particles like you do from dirty traditional litters.

Watch Pretty Litter’s feature spot on Nat Geo Wild…

People love Pretty Litter! And why not? All you’re doing is taking the outdated, traditional litter you use everyday and replacing it with Pretty Litter, which is…

pretty catLess expensive

pretty catDelivered to your doorstep

pretty catLightweight

pretty catDust and odor free

pretty catAll natural and eco- and pet-friendly

pretty catAnd oh yeah…is basically a wellness check every time your kitty pees!

“Sounds Great, But How Much Does It Cost?”

The average person easily spends approximately $20 – $30 per month on ordinary clumping cat litter! But you can get a 1 month supply of Pretty Litter for only 22.00. And when you add up ALL the benefits and potential savings from using Pretty Litter, there really isn’t any reason to not at least try it out!

Where Can You Get It?

You can’t get Pretty Litter from any store, but you can get Pretty Litter directly from their website here.



As of Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 you can still get Pretty Litter’s great deals of Buy 3 Get 1 FREE and Buy 5 Get 2 FREE! That means each bag is as low as 17.00!

Now get 20% MORE for FREE! Each bag now comes in a 4lb size at no additional cost. You get 20% MORE in every bag at the same low price!

You also get their 30 Day No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

So don’t wait, get your Pretty Litter bags while they last!

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“It’s Virtually A Wellness Check Every Time Your Cat Pees!”

Cats can be elusive little creatures. And unless you’re paying close attention every day, you can easily miss a sign indicating they’re sick or in pain. But with Pretty Litter, those signs won’t be missed. They’ll be staring you right in the face every time you check their litter. So if you love your kitties the way I do, and you want to see them live a long, healthy, happy life, all you have to do is…

Step 1: Get yourself a bag of Pretty Litter (or more to save more!) and have it delivered in approximately 1 week.

Step 2: Replace your old, clumping traditional litter with the new innovative Pretty Litter

Step 3: Enjoy all the benefits Pretty Litter offers, including peace-of-mind knowing your cat’s wellness will never go unchecked again!