Make Your Home Smarter With These Multi-Functional Wall Outlets


Are you looking for a cool and inexpensive way to make your house smarter? What if your wall outlet could do more than just charge or power your devices? It can with Snap Power!

SnapPower is a collection of various wall outlets that each have their own unique features. Check out the SnapPower Charger, for a sleek, new way to charge multiple devices at once! Or the SnapPower Guidelight, that has LED lights built at the bottom of the outlet to help brighten your home! They’re easy to install and can be ready in minutes!

SnapPower is so awesome! They look great, are so easy to set up and bring convenience to your everyday life. I can’t wait to have one set up in my bathroom – no more being blind in the middle of the night! If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet efficient way to add convenience to your life, you have to check out SnapPower!