How To Instantly Find Your Phone (or keys & car) No Matter Where You Left It!

How To Instantly Find Your Phone (or keys & car) No Matter Where You Left It!

New, affordable little device turns your phone into a virtual radar – finding anything in seconds (including your phone)!

Lindze B., Author & Discoverer Extraordinaire
Lindze B., Author & Discoverer Extraordinaire

Do you consider yourself a fairly organized, mostly responsible person? I know I do! Which is why when I lose or misplace ANYTHING, I get super frustrated and irritated. So when I first heard about this new device that can help me find things I lose or misplace in seconds, like my keys, purse, phone (and yes, even my car), I was all over it!

Organized or not. Responsible or not. Who can’t use a little help finding things, right? So, I got one for myself and put it to the test (as you’ll see in my video below) and I have to say…it’s the little things in life that can make ALL the difference – and this is absolutely one of them!

What is it?

It’s called TrackR. It’s a sleek, discreet little device that’s lightweight, slim and roughly the size of a quarter. You simply attach it to any valuable you don’t want to lose and presto, you’re magically finding those things in seconds.

TrackR is a tiny, discreet tracking device that helps you find anything in just seconds!

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How Does TrackR Work?

After you receive your TrackR devices, attach them to things your frequently misplace or lose, or to anything you can’t live without! Then you…

Download their free app, which works for iOS and Android, and pair it with all your TrackR devices.

Keep track of all the things you hate to lose by turning your phone into a virtual radar!
Keep track of all the things you hate to lose by turning your phone into a virtual radar!
Now, once you’ve got everything paired, you can misplace your keys, wallet, phone (I’ll explain how in a minute), and yes, as I said, even your car.

You NEVER have to worry or think about where you set your keys, phone, wallet, whatever, down again!

Finding misplaced things with TrackR is like snapping your fingers. Really, it’s that easy and I love it!

Watch my video where I put TrackR to the test…

Chris Herbert, co-founder and CEO of TrackR, confirmed for me via email that they’re currently selling thousands of TrackR devices EVERY DAY now!!! Which isn’t surprising considering they raised over $1.2 million on IndieGoGo and had over 17,000 backers – they clearly created a solution people were eager to get their hands on!

TrackR Proactively Prevents You From Losing Things In The First Place…

When you get up and walk away from any of your tracked items like your purse or keys, TrackR sends your phone an alert before you get too far.

TrackR proactively notifies your phone so you never leave something of value behind.
TrackR proactively notifies your phone so you never leave something of value behind.
But, in case you do end up losing or misplacing something, TrackR helps you find them in a snap.

What If You Can’t Find Your Phone?

I’m notorious for misplacing my phone. But TrackR makes finding it a breeze! Here’s how easy it is – simply press any of your TrackR devices and your phone rings…even in silent mode – problem solved! How amazing is that?

PRO TrackR TIP: Can’t find a handy TrackR to press? Stick one to your fridge because let’s face it, if you can’t find your fridge you’ve got bigger things to worry about.

Can’t Find Your Purse, Keys, Bike, Car, Etc…

Not a problem for TrackR. Simply open the app on your phone and you have 3 ways to find lost and misplaced items…

imgresRing Lost Items – Just press the icon of the item you’re looking for and it rings.

imgresView Lost Items – View the distance between you and the last known place of your lost item on a map.

imgresTrack Lost Items – TrackR app uses ALL of the TrackR users worldwide! Creating a massive Crowd GPS Network to help you find your lost items.

With hundreds of thousands of TrackR apps basically searching for your lost items, it’s like having the world’s largest search party looking for you!

These truly are amazing little gadgets that save my rear-end on a regular basis! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my TrackR bravo devices now.

And it wasn’t too hard finding other people who love using TrackR…




And really, you can use TrackR on just about ANYTHING you can think of! You just have to ask yourself two little questions, “What do I lose all the time that drives me crazy?” and “What from work or home can I absolutely not afford to lose?



“Ok, But How Is Their Customer Service?”

Their customer service is amazing. Not only are they on it, but they’re super friendly too! 🙂 And these days, great customer service is hard to come by! So, it’s ALWAYS worth mentioning when you do find it. And it looks like I’m not alone: 


“Sounds Great, Lindze, But How Much Do They Cost?”

These are made to fit any budget. Not only are they very affordable at only 29.00, but when you consider the cost of replacing your phone ($300 easy),  a car key (about $150) or the steep cost of losing your purse and everything in it (including your keys and phone)…29.00 is virtually nothing compared to losing all that.

Is There A Monthly Subscription Fee?

NO! Another great reason to love TrackR is unlike other tracking devices on the market, there is NO subscription to use TrackR! (Which is also why they make great gifts for forgetful friends and family.)

Plus, TrackR has a replaceable battery that lasts between 12-18 months vs. other tracking devices, that require you to mail the old unit back once they die in order to get a whole new device.

Where Can You Get Them?

You can buy TrackR directly from the company’s website here – and while I’ve seen them at Best Buy, you won’t be able to get the great deals that they offer directly from their website.

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Isn’t It Time To Make Life A Little Easier?

YES! Life is busy and stressful enough as it is without having to search for things or worry about lost and misplaced things. Make your life a little easier today by…

  • Step 1: Getting yourself some TrackR devices (get ‘em within about 1 week if you order today).
  • Step 2: Attach and simply pair the app with anything you can’t afford to lose or misplace.
  • Step 3: Never panic, get frustrated or turn angry again. With TrackR you’ll get total peace-of-mind and finally achieve zen!

I promise, if you get these little heavenly tracking devices… you’ll soon be one of the hundreds of thousands of TrackR owners singing it’s praises too!

Order Your TrackRs Today!