Breathing Plants is a Natural Way to Relax


Let’s be honest, many of us have trouble sleeping, relaxing or even just being somewhat happy with life! Sure, there are “solution” out there, like pills and ‘magic’ formulas that contain questionable ingredients! But what if there was a natural, healthy alternative that just required you to do what you do naturally everyday – breathe? Sounds crazy, right?? Well it’s not thanks to MONQ.

MONQ is a portable aromatherapy diffuser that comes pre loaded with different essential oils depending on what you need. Whether you need help with sleeping, mood balancing, motivation and more! MONQ is similar to a vaporizer except this has no chemicals, nicotine or other ingredients – just pure, natural essential oils! And it’s so simple – you put the MONQ in your mouth, inhale gently, then blow out your nose and you’re immediately filled with high quality essential oils!

This is such a cool and unique way to seek aid with various daily stresses! We love the simple product steps and all natural ingredients that come in this device. No refills, no charging or anything to add inconvenience to your routine! MONQ is simple to add to your day to day life and make it better! So don’t wait – check out MONQ now!