What happened to cable?  It was the last common ground left in America. You used to gather around the water cooler and go over last night’s thrills and laughs with coworkers. 

“Catch the big game? Season finale?” Everyone used to.

Not anymore.

“Oh, I ended my cable service,” they say. And they had some pretty good reasons, too.

5. Cable Has Become a Gigantic Waste of Money

Millions of Americans are saying goodbye to cable for good. It’s all because of simple dollars and cents. According to Forbes magazine, the average consumer spends $103 per month on cable.

103 dollars! Per month! And that’s the average consumer – not TV lovers!

Every year, you’re feeding thousands of dollars to greedy cable companies. And how do they thank you? With worse service and lower-quality programs – and it gets worse as they get richer!

You can just feel that money fly out the window every time you cycle through 300 channels with the same 5 programs. Doesn’t it just make you want to call up the cable guy and tell him to stuff it?

4. There Are Cheaper, Better Alternatives Now

Cable companies used to get away with insane prices because they had a monopoly. There was nowhere else to turn if you wanted to watch the hottest shows and the biggest games.

The Internet Generation figured something out, though – entitlement is good for something!

You see, millennials already know that they can get high-quality programming – with MORE control – at a fraction of the cost. What fraction, you ask? How about 1/10th of the cost? That’s what Netflix costs, at $10/month, compared to the average cable subscription.

That’s an average savings of $1116 per year – not to mention the priceless thrill of telling the cable company to stuff it!

3. Streaming Boxes Are Bringing Those Services Together

“But Netflix doesn’t have __________,” you say!

It’s true. There’s more than 1 streaming service, and they offer different things. But millions of millennials are still saving a bundle and watching all those services at once!

How, you ask? Through all-in-one media hubs like TVFrog!


TVFrog does everything that cable, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and YouTube do – and way more! You can use all these services in one intuitive package that comes with a remote control.

It’s actually incredibly simple to use. It’s built on Android software, so if you can use a smartphone or a tablet, TVFrog will be a breeze.

All you need is a WiFi connection and an HDMI cable to connect it to your TV. TV Frog works in any region: that includes the USA, Canada, Australia, the EU, Southeast Asia, anywhere! Plug it in and start watching outrageously cheap entertainment right away!

Just like an Android phone, it lets you add apps yourself – something Apple TV won’t let you do! That means a more personalized and seamless experience. 

Be careful, though – some apps exist in a legal gray area, such as Exodus, which streams TV shows and movies for free. That’s a little TOO cheap, if you ask us.

2. Better Quality for a Lower Price – Something the Fat Cats Won’t Do

Some streaming boxes make all these promises but fail to deliver on quality. That’s not the case with TVFrog – because it’s the only product of its kind to offer 4K resolution. It’s the “Holy Grail” of picture quality, and it makes 1080p video look like an old Betamax tape.

Some alternatives are decent quality, but they could run you upwards of $130! Even that price is soon paid off when you stop lining the pockets of fat cats like Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch.

But it’s still too much. Right now, you can get TVFrog, the flagship of the Android streaming industry, for as little as $74.99 – with free shipping.

1. Your Friends Will Be Talking About TVFrog at the Water Cooler

How can TVFrog sell at nearly half the price of its competitors? Honestly, it can’t. The cost of 4K-capable components, clever engineering, and a WiFi-boosting antenna with a remote control is higher than that.

When TVFrog arrives in stores, it’ll sell for a price near its competitors – and still outsell them because of its unbeatable quality.

But until that day, we want to prove that it’s the absolute best Android streaming box on the market. So we’re offering it at half price to get it into as many homes as possible and let the word of mouth spread.

The price will never be this low again. We want to show as many people as possible how much money and stress they can save by switching to TVFrog.

So stop reading and start streaming high-fidelity, high-quality entertainment from your own living room! And tell your friends how you caught the season finale for pennies on the dollar!

And when your cable company calls you to ask why you cancelled your service, just give them our number. They know us.